Campus Nexus gebouw 117
Akkermaalsbos 14
6708WB  Wageningen
Tel: 0317 - 46 66 00


Instruction for registration!

Do you have a problem that you need to go to a docter this week?

Non-students who live near our practice can register with us. We are a freelance GP, which is not affiliated with Wageningen University.

According to Dutch legislation, it is mandatory for everyone to enroll with a GP in their own place of residence. You can decide on which GP you are going to. If you are a foreign student, you only need to enroll if you need a GP.

Sign up via the registration form.
Your registration is final if you have received the information from us via the website. You will receive a confirmation email that you're registred

REGISTER FORM (Only fill in when you have a complain!)

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